Saturday, September 02, 2006

Blog Feedback

I have received a bunch of feedback so far about my blog. I thought I’d list a few things.

“Cheerios, Goldfish and Diapers,” the blog about my friend Margaret, the Martha Stewart of parenting? I walked into work the next morning (Margaret and I work together now- after 12 years of a great friendship we decided to push the edge and work together, too. I could write a very long blog about the dynamics in my office but I’m sure I’d get fired for that) to find the SAME CRAYON BOX from our trip about a million years ago.

The girls wanted to show you this, she said.

Thank god a few of the crayons are broken now, I noted.

“The Longest Drive,” elicited a comment from a friend of my mother’s that I am, in fact, very much like her. Can’t I simply understand how hard it was for her and give her a break? I will respond at length to that this afternoon. Yes, I drink martinis. Yes, I love wine. Yes, I lost my mind driving the kids up. These are all separate events and never all blend into one. There isn’t a martini in the car. My mother always had, and still would if she could drive, a cocktail in the car when she drove. I stepped out of the car. Took a deep breath. I was able to laugh about it when I got here, instead of pouring a cocktail. Have I, at times, raised three kids on my own? Yes. But I made some seriously different choices. Am I my mother? In some ways, absolutely. As I said, more about this later.

“DO NOT OPERATE HEAVY MACHINARY,” had people come up to my wife, Jeanine, saying, I know Sara is going on vacation… but what about you… excellent. Please keep asking her when she’ll go on vacation.

“The Weezie Meter,” left me having to tell Weezie, NO, I was not telling her the Pooh towel story. She emailed me and said now you have to tell me that story. No, Weezie, I don’t. Ask your daughter and watch her ears turn red.

“A Week with the Wife,” was a lovely tribute to my wife, I thought. She said, all you can say is I’m good in bed? OY.

“Family” has generated the most difficult and varied responses. It’s like a Rorschach test. It has reflected people’s own place with their families. It has either felt like an invitation or a fuck you. Very little gray in the responses to it. All I can say is thank you. It means my writing has had impact. I am surprised and pleased.

“Telephones, Puberty and Penis Facts.” Uh oh. The other girlfriend read it. Ben was making WHAT kind of noises talking to WHO? Good thing Ben is onto girlfriend number three. Megan. I don’t think Megan has online computer access at home. Phew.


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