Friday, October 06, 2006

The Funeral Planned

In my mother's niche, where her ashes will be interned tomorrow morning, we will place a couple of items.

A picture book Ben made his Grandmother, with photos of the three boys from over the years.

A letter from Zachary, which reads:

From Zack
Dear Grandma,
God Bless!
Sorry Grandma but life is good up there in heaven.

(Clearly, he doesn't understand his Grandma didn't believe in heaven, God or any afterlife at all. When the hospice nurse asked about having a minister or priest my mother hissed, NO, from her place lying in bed. But it's her grandson. I'm sure she would simply chuckle and say, Bless your heart...)

A letter from Ben, which reads:

From Ben Cowen-Whitman

Dear Grandma,
I was very very very sad when I heard you died. I was so sad that I wanted to skip school to go to your funeral. I'm writing you a letter so I can tell you how sad I felt. Sad. (and then he drew a picture of a happy face- go figure)
Your favorite grandson,

And two pictures Jake drew, one of a sunset and one of a sunrise. Very Zen for a six year old.

We will all place a single flower in a vase next to her urn. Stand a moment and reflect. After we each have a turn, the items and urn will be placed in the niche.

And then we will walk away.


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