Saturday, December 16, 2006


We gave away the ugly table we’ve had since before Ben was born today. And the chairs.

I had Jake and Zach help carry out the chairs. Jake made a sign that said FREE.

Zachary was very unhappy.

I love these chairs, he whined. He stretched out across them.

Zach, we have a new table coming Tuesday, and the old dining room table is moving to the back room.

But you don't CARE when we draw on this one. You CARE about the other one.

Zach, you're not two anymore. You can avoid drawing on the table.

He buried his head in his hands.

Zach, is this about the table? Really? Or are you tired because you and your friend stayed up half the night last night?

He had a sleepover. No sleep is ever really accomplished at sleepovers. I don’t know why they call them that. They should be called wakeovers.

Within ten minutes, the table and chairs were gone.

The moment of sorrow over, Zachary and I danced to Christmas music in the empty space the table left.

Can we always keep it like this? He asked.

I love their flexibility.

Nope, I said and we kept dancing away.


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