Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Few Random Sunday Morning Thoughts...

Jake came in the other day with a handful of tulips, daffodils and hyacinth.

Here, Mom.

I oooed and ahhhed over them. Put them in a cup. (He had snapped them off fairly close to the top.)

I put the flowers on my desk. He is so sweet, I thought to myself.

Then I realized I don't have any tulips coming up in my yard. Or daffodils.

Uh oh.


Walter learned something about women last night. Don’t ever- EVER- talk about women’s weight.

After a brief back and forth about the leftovers from the Chinese restaurant last night, he made a joking comment about my weight.

He was lectured- loudly- by three hysterical women about American culture, women, and body images. He learned an important lesson. No matter how thin, how fit, how perfect an American woman might look- never say a word about their weight.



I sat at a baseball game yesterday and realized I was woefully underdressed. Clad in shorts, golf shirt and a fleece jacket, I did not match up to my suburban housewife peers. One woman had a lovely pink sweater set with a matching silk scarf tied around her neck, circa 1950.

Allan turned to me and asked where my matching scarf was.

In your closet, I replied.

Between games, we stopped home to have lunch. I had an overwhelming urge to put on my pearls. I resisted.

Only because I could not answer an important question.

Do pearls count as white before Memorial day?


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