Thursday, August 02, 2007

Make Up Sex

Having been there and done that now three times in the sixteen years we've been married, I can say make up sex is pretty fabulous. All the emotions, good and bad, bottled up find a way to explode when you come back together again.

And I don’t ever want to have it again.

It’s a total distraction from the pain you both just went through. It may feel good in the moment but it’s not going to solve the problems that made one of you walk out the door.

We came to an agreement Sunday night to keep working on the relationship. To try again.

Last night was the hours long make up sex. No, I am not going into details because my mother in law reads this blog. I will say after a single gin martini before dinner, Jeanine was ready to plan the evening’s activities loudly enough to shock even me.

I always talk like that, although quietly enough so the next table can’t hear- she never does. Oh my.

For a little while last night, there were no boulders, rocks, or difficulties ahead. There were no kids in the other room either. No bills to pay, no schedules to negotiate, we were alone and it was wonderful.

But it’s not reality.

If we didn’t have jobs, or responsibilities? I know we could live happily ever after. We love each other. We like being together. We parent well together, providing a great balance for the kids. The sex, even when it’s not make up sex, is great.

You can’t live your life in the bedroom, though.

There are still rocks in the road. We have so far to go. We let too much build up over time. I only know one thing for sure; I will not have make up sex again. It might feel good in the moment but the pain you go through to get there? Isn’t worth it.


Anonymous Laura said...

its a constant work in progress.......dont give up on each other

7:57 PM  

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