Friday, February 22, 2008

Some Favorite Vacation Week Lines

It's Friday and I'm still alive. I have a great network of neighbors and friends. Kids have been passed back and forth, to and fro.

Jake and his friend Logan have to be the cutest, sweetest pair of boys ever in the world. They fancy themselves twins and while they are only six months apart, they could not look more different physically.

The other morning, Logan called me "Mama Sara" which is what Jake usually calls me. That's it. Starting the college fund now, he's officially mine.

Some of my favorite lines from the kids this week...

I was getting Jake some lunch. He wanted to open the can of tuna and immediately started whining to do it, instead of asking.

Since when has whining worked for you? I asked.

Since I was a baby, he answered confidently.

Ben, oh, my son Ben... He and I were having a conversation about lying. He had been caught, again. As I sat across from him, I leaned in and asked, Why are you lying?

Because Jake started talking.


Since he started talking I started lying.

Said with a head flip and complete attitude. No, I did not laugh but I wanted to.

We did not make it out to Mass MoCa as hoped- the museum was closed the day I wanted to be there and with all the kid swapping plans, it didn't make sense to go. Jake, Zachary and I went to the new ICA on the Boston waterfront.

It is an amazing museum, filled with great contemporary art. I'm not sure about taking a toddler there- when the 'piece' is clothes on the floor with a brief case and cell phone, it's hard to keep them off of it. My boys, however, are fairly well trained. They look at the padded benches lining the hall and ask if they can sit on them or if they are art.

After we went through the museum, we stopped at the cafe for a snack. I asked them what they thought?

Really cool, Jake said.

I liked it a lot, Zachary nodded. Especially the view of the harbor. And the pin box.

Yeah, I liked the pin box, too, said Jake, referring to an enormous 4x4 cube made entirely of stick pins.

I liked the spider, I said. What if they had that in MoCa?

Oh, yeah, Zachary eagerly agreed, if it was in the big space? and was that big? so cool.

Which museum do you like better? I asked.

Both, Zachary said confidently, I like them both for different reasons.

Jake nodded in agreement.

I could have cried. I can't tell you how important art is to me. It was to my mother. To have my boys excited about a contemporary art museum, where they have to be careful not to step on the artwork?

All I can say is that was the best line of the week for me.

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Blogger Sue J said...

Sounds like a great week! (Time to break out the bottle now?)

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Laura said...

If I call you "Mama Sara" will you pay my mortgage for me?

11:24 AM  
Blogger Sara said...

umm... are you eight years old with big adorable doe eyes?

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Laura said...

well, Im "holding" at 29! *wink* But Ive been told I have adorable eyes!!!

does that help?

11:45 AM  

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