Friday, October 20, 2006

A Perfect Life?

Last night, in couple’s therapy- not a place you end up when things are bright and shiny- the therapist said to us, you are on the edge of having… well… a perfect life.

Okay, my wife is a jerk. But she has changed dramatically in the last few months. She is irrational. She is emotional. She loses control. Anyone who knows her at all knows this is huge. Big.

It makes me love her even more.

So tonight, you’ll have to forgive me. No long blog. I have spent the day getting the house ready- a fire in the fireplace. Nice steak dinner- Jeanine’s favorite. A selection of cheese, a great wine- Chateau Pichon-Longueville, Pauillac.

I think, even with all I’ve been through in the last few months, I really do have a perfect life. At least the potential. Lots of work ahead, in my relationship, in my life, but tonight? I’m going to light a fire, pour some wine, cook some dinner and tell my wife how much I love her.

Because I do.

The rest? Well… we’ll see if it passes the Weezie meter.


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