Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Daily Blog

I have been asked how I come up with blogs, every day.

It’s not easy.

I usually do anything else until about three o’clock. During my most productive time, the morning, I work on my book. It is a completely different mindset and often takes me away to a place in my head that’s hard to come back from. And then I get serious- about the blog, that is. I have to find something to write about. I start to do random Google searches on any thought that pops into my head. Recent searches have included, but are not limited to, Kenmore Progressive Vacuums, Cat in the Hat online text, Moody Street Pizza and Images of Bernard Madoff.

I wanted to know what the man looks like. Don’t ask why. It’s a long story.

At four, I go hang with the kids while they eat after school snack. If I actually sit at the table, they clam up and eye me with caution.

Writing your blog, Mom? Ben asks, having been burned once or twice with direct quotes.

No, no. Not me. What’s up?

She’s writing her blog. C’mon guys, let’s go outside.

Maybe I should do that without my computer in my lap.

I send out a lot of email every day. I am an email-a-holic. I love to write email. For years, my mother yelled at me to write letters, write letters (she was a prolific letter writer), I would shake my head no. My handwriting is terrible. No one responds to written letters anymore. But email? Instant gratification. I send out a bunch of email, usually early in the day, almost every day. If by 5pm, I’m still coming up with nada from the kids, I go through the days email to find something thoughtful or amusing to write about.

By 7pm, if I haven’t posted, I’m getting nervous. I have to get the kids ready for bed and their banter at that hour is rarely anything anyone really wants to hear. I know I don’t.

By 9pm, if I haven’t posted, I start to go through old essays, things I’ve written in the past. The other night I came across a funny script I had completely forgotten I wrote. Not blog material but definitely fun for a short film.

The Debate- The Saint, The Realist and The Hedonist:

A Bran Donut with Frosting, Please.

Okay, work with me here. Jake was an infant at the time.

By 10pm, I start going through my photos and figure, it’s going to be a very short post with a few choice words to go with an abstract image.

Needless to say, it’s a challenge. But I love doing it.

Every day.


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