Monday, October 09, 2006

Special Firsts

Through this very difficult weekend, we had a very special first for one of our sons. While funerals are a time to reflect and be respectful of the one who died, there are cycles of life that cannot be stopped. Especially ‘firsts’ for children.

We drove back in two cars- Jeanine, Jake and I in one, Walter, Allan, Ben and Zach in the other.

Jeanine drives like a maniac, so of course we arrived way ahead of the others.

When Walter walked into our hotel room with Zach and Ben, he said, I have something very important to tell you about your son.

Which one?


Walter is beaming with pride. I know this is a big one. I can’t imagine- did he pump gas by himself? Did he share a deep, thoughtful insight about his grandmother’s funeral? By the smile on Walter’s face, I’m thinking it might be disclosure about a nighttime emission.

Zach peed in a bottle. Filled it up. His first one.

I was close.

He peed in a bottle?

Yup, Walter nodded with incredible fatherly pride he relayed the whole event, from the missed rest stop to Ben’s horror to Zach’s astonishment that the bottle was so warm.

Didn’t spill a drop.

I called Zachary over.

Did you pee in a bottle?

Uh huh. Snapple. I really had to go. He’s grinning from ear to ear.



You know you’ll never get to do that with me, right?

I know, Mom. He’s still grinning.

But congratulations. That’s pretty cool.

Uh huh.

He gave me a high five and joined his brothers in front of the TV.

He filled the bottle. Didn’t spill a drop.


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