Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Clean Shirts and Quiet Mind

I’m exhausted right now.

I can’t wait to go away.

Only a few million things to do before getting on the plane Tuesday morning at 6 AM. Like packing clothes for the kids.

Even if we are only going away for a couple days, I do not let the kids pack their own clothes. When left to their own devices, ten stained, ripped tee shirts, a pair of shorts- summer or winter- and one pair of socks ends up in the suitcase.

I can specifically tell them- three shirts, no holes, three pairs of pants, it’s snowing, and three pairs of socks AND underwear. Pajamas. And don’t forget your toothbrush.

What ends up in the bag? See above.

This time we are going to San Francisco. Four adults, three kids means perfect ratio for nice restaurants. You can’t be in San Francisco and go to McDonalds.

Suits, ties, dress shoes. Black socks. Raincoats. Layers of clothes.

They all need haircuts desperately but I have no idea how I’m going to get that done.

Which brings me to 12 people for Christmas dinner, finding someone to come check on the cat and two basketball games to go to- who is watching the kids on Friday?

My mind is racing fast right now.

Not as fast as the kids outside, in tee shirts (soon to be ripped and permanently stained), stealing each other’s shoes and running away as fast as they can.

I hung a picture light today- first ever for me- finished moving furniture into the right places and the Chihuly is resting safely on my new desk.

Jeanine showed up at 4:50pm and wondered why I was annoyed. The rental truck is due back and closing time is 5PM. The concept of rush hour traffic, having to put gas in the truck before it goes and why ten minutes might be pushing it too the limit is beyond her. Forget about how nice it is to show up during the holiday season as someone is locking the door. Jeanine time rarely takes reality into consideration.

And quietly, inside, I’m waiting to hear about my friend. Last night it was only hours. So much, all at once.

I can’t wait to rest a while. Find a safe place and rest.

I'll put that on my packing list. Clean shirts. Shoes. Plenty of underwear.

And a quiet mind.


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