Tuesday, October 02, 2007

End Discrimination Now, Alright?

I keep making the slip when I talk about ENDA and calling it EDNA.

I like Edna better. It gives me the image of an obnoxious Durgin Park waitress in downtown Boston. Whaddaya want? Why didn’t you finish? Don’t complain to me, tell the cook.

Durgin Park is- or at least was- famous for it’s surly waitresses. People came from around the world to sit at a table, pay too much for bad food and get yelled at.

So instead of thinking of ENDA, Employment NonDiscrimination Act, I would rather think of EDNA. End Discrimination Now, Alright? Get to it. Hup hup. Enough debating about whether or not some people belong and some people don’t, lets just take a deep breath, include everyone, and focus on framing this issue in a way that works in our favor. Let’s tackle people’s fears and misperceptions head on, and deal with it.

If your strength is talking about LGB issues, use it. If your strength is creating more understanding around T issues, use it. Let’s work from our strengths. No fodder for the Right.

Because like Edna, the waitress, there are tables to turn; get up, get out and get to work.

Okay, just trying to bring a little levity to the table, here.


Anonymous Rhea said...

And by the way, the waitresses are still surly at Durgin-Park.

4:06 PM  

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