Friday, October 19, 2007

Good Question

Jake asked me last night what a territory was, and could he see a picture.

I pulled up the Wikipedia site and showed him the US territories. I said, back in the old days, countries took over smaller countries for their resources and called them their own.

Is Iraq our territory, too? He asked.

They have lots of oil, he added.

Good question, I answered.

I have, for the last six years, reminded my kids once a week that we are at war. Some people think I'm over the top.

3832 dead.

over 28,000 wounded.

Maybe I am over the top but when my children are adults, they will not be surprised to find out we were at war even though they had food every night, clothes to wear and a beautiful home. It's my way to support our troops.

By reminding everyone where they are.


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