Monday, October 15, 2007

Drums, Sax and Clarinet

I wonder why I have a headache.

Jake is practicing the snare drum. He cannot practice in the back room. He needs to practice three feet away from me. I wince with each, well timed beat. He's getting very good but I wish he was still playing the harp.

Zachary has just started the saxophone. I am reminded of small animals crying out in pain.

Ben, on clarinet, goes back and forth between a good tone and a squeak- not unlike his soon to be changing voice.

Tonight is Ben's family birthday dinner. He's called for take out chinese but wants it in the dining room. Cloth napkins, chopsticks and china. He's so my son.

I am the only parent here. Funny how that works out. Most nights, I am the only parent here during practice time. I know, in years to come, when the kids can all jam together I'll hug Jeanine and thank her for insisting they play.

Right now? I want to know where the earplugs are.


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