Saturday, October 27, 2007

Standing Ovation, Please...

I am feeling fairly proud of myself.

I have linked other blogs to mine- without any technical assistance. Sure, some of you are snickering because it's so easy. For me? Huge.

I also figured out how to imbed a video, thus last night's Bonnie Raitt video. Watch out. This means endless YouTube watching.

And perhaps a video or two produced by JMC Music, Inc. Nothing nearly as serious as nuclear power, though.

Or as racy as the website someone listed in one of the comments yesterday. Yikes! This is an R rated blog, not NC 17.

Today, though, I have to link to two of my favorite Larry Craig YouTube videos. Rather than annoy all my friends by emailing links to videos, I can annoy everyone on my blog!

And of course, the one with the actual arrest tape...


Anonymous Laura said...

that was a riot!

5:56 PM  
Blogger AskALesbian said...

I stumbled on your blog searching for Larry Craig stories. You were way high up on the Google search and I'm just a tiny bit jealous, but you should be proud.

Glad I found this. Please stop by my blog sometime?


11:34 PM  

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