Sunday, November 04, 2007

Log Cabin Republicans To Canvass Men’s Rooms for New Members

Yet another Republican is caught tapping his way to an arrest in a public bathroom. Seems 57-year-old Mike Shallow, ”A two-term City Commissioner and mayoral candidate has been caught in a gay sex sting, reports the Daytona Beach News-Journal Friday.” If the Log Cabin Republicans are looking to expand, I suggest they start placing brochures in the men’s room.

If guys like Doug Warner of Dallas can hunt, fish and hold his boyfriend’s hand in public , it seems he should be doing a workshop for his closeted Republican compatriots. Warner, however, isn’t exactly the poster boy for the current Republican Party; trashing gays played well in the 2004 Presidential election and there is no sign of the party letting up on the strategy.

Unless they keep getting arrested for soliciting sex in public places.

The question is, will it continue to play well? Or will the Republicans start being a secret signal for closeted gays, like being a ‘friend of Dorothy?’ It’s easy to laugh about the ridiculous, two-faced members of the party, but the reality is the strategy worked well in the previous election and watching the Presidential contender- from both parties- dance around the issues of equality and fairness like they are being subjected to the plague, makes you wonder.

"Somewhere along the way our party was hijacked by the social extremists who say that government needs to regulate things that were once considered private," said Warner's partner Truman Smith, who works as a private consultant and is the president of Log Cabin's South Carolina chapter. Warner, and his partner Smith, see the party “betraying it’s commitment to fiscal prudence and limited government.”

I don’t know what rock the two are living under, but the Republicans long ago gave up any sense of fiscal responsibility and are driven by the need to legislate people’s private lives down to requiring by law a report on what library books you are reading.

Personally? I hope the Republicans continue to be shown for the hypocritical, small-minded liars they are. Larry Craig, Mike Shallow (great name, by the way) and…

I guess I’ll go wait outside the men’s room and see who comes out in 'cuffs next.


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What can I say! Great minds think alike!

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