Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pools, Malls and Baseball Bats

I had horrible dreams last night. I can only go so long before they come back. They always come back…

This time I had to forcibly fight my father out the door while my mother watched… I wasn’t small, I was an adult and my children were inside… I finally picked up a baseball bat.

Funny, because I’m in Florida visiting Jeanine’s family. It safe here. Always has been. A day by the pool, the boys hanging out with their cousins, and Ben gets to go to the mall with his grandmother.

They all decided recently that they wanted to call her grandma instead of Nana. It’s not confusing anymore, Ben said, Grandma is dead.

I explained that when their cousins were born, twin boys about a year before Ben, Jeanine’s mom had wanted to be called “Nana.” When Ben was born, we called her Nana and my mother Grandma.

But the twins called Nana “Grandma” and then it did become confusing…

But the boys, while discussing the fact that they believed their Nana would pretty much live-forever and how young she was that they wanted to call her Grandma.

Uh… guys? She dyes her hair. But you can call her Nana or Grandma or Weezie, or Grandma Weezie…

I love being here. Everyone is milling around, talking, laughing, and getting ready for the day. The kids are ready to jump in the pool, except Ben who is prepared for a trip to the mall.

Nana is taking me to the MALL… I LOVE NANA, Ben said.

I beg your pardon?

Well, I’ve always loved her but … will she buy me something at Abercrombie?


Zachary, Jake and I will go to the pool. Later, we’ll all gather later at the cousin’s house and laugh, talk and watch the kids play.

No malls for us.

No need for baseball bats, either.


Anonymous Laura said...

sounds fantastic! Have fun

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