Friday, May 16, 2008

A Few Clarifications

What a day yesterday was, with the ruling, the excitement before and after. There was a lot to digest with everyone claiming information- like CNN saying marriage equality was defeated- so I would like to clarify a couple points that I was briefed on today.

One is, yes, without question, out of state folks can go to California and get married. I am certain the addition of the largest state in the nation to the marriage equality issue the silly little 1913 Law in MA will go away fairly quietly in the night.

Second, a better opinion could not have been written. Every ridiculous, bogus retort about why marriage should stay a heterosexual privilege was responded to and completely dismissed. In fact, it declared there is a "fundamental right to marry."

This, folks, is huge.

Third, this is a California state law issue. It cannot be appealed to the US Supreme Court. Period. No question. It's not a gray area it is clear cut, nope, not going to happen, no.

Fourth, there is no stay on this decision, as there was on the Goodridge decision in Massachusetts. And while there is a reality of probably a 30 day period of preparing for the change, people will be getting married BEFORE the very likely ballot question in November.

Fifth- there is a ballot initiative to amend the constitution of California to ban "gay" marriage. It looks fairly certain that there will be enough signatures to be up for a vote in November.

Sixth, it's not gay marriage. It's marriage equality. I wish everyone would stop calling it gay marriage. That was a tool of the right to make it into some kind of special privilege. It's not. It's about equal access to the same rights.

What an amazing, historic day. I keep saying that, over and over again.

And lastly, I hope everyone can take a minute tomorrow on the fourth anniversary of the Goodridge decision to say thanks to the seven plaintiff couples who made history, who fought against many in our community who said it was the wrong thing at the wrong time and should never be done.

The team at GLAD knew it was time. We owe them our deepest appreciation.

Along with David Wilson and Robert Compton, Gloria Bailey and Linda Davies, Richard Linnell and Gary Chalmers, Maureen Brodoff and Ellen Wade, Gina Smith and Heidi Norton, Ed Balmelli and Michael Horgan and of course, Julie and Hillary Goodridge.

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Anonymous donald said...

i agree, oh happy day!!

the old walls are crumbling down!

4:17 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

You got it so right: the purpose of the ballot initiative is to take away marriage equality. I don't know how much money Tony Perkins and his buddies have, but a 10 year old kid with a lemonade stand could sell our story.

Wrt Bush and his pet Supreme Court, whatever they do, including nothing this is a hand grenade for McCain. He should throw himself on it for all our sakes.

I've been posting and reading the replies in the Huntsville newsgroups. Hey, this is Alabama. But those guys got nothing. Seriously. The same tired lines, but all the steam has gone out of them.

Along the way I found a great word, coined by a 13 year old girl, for the homophobic haters: "gaycists."

Btw, there's a great posting on Friendly Atheist.

/Still happydancing.

11:48 PM  
Blogger Seda said...

Thank you for the clarification. You're right, what a day! Very much cool.

3:10 PM  

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