Friday, August 08, 2008

Victim to Scapegoat: The Tragedy of Lawrence King

Another piece I put up while in the woods.

Victim to Scapegoat: The Tragedy of Lawrence King


Blogger Suzy said...

I read your piece then the comments after. Scary to think there are alot of people out there that believe the killer was in the right. The blame game really gets me mad. Oh he didn't know what he was doing, boys will be boys, he has had a rough life. I used to work in the school system here and saw alot of kids with sucky lives that were A students and fantastic kids. Then there were the ones that didn't even try or give a crap and acted out because....
Society needs to stop making excuses for the behaviors and make people take responsiblity for thier actions. Gee and maybe they will get the help they need isn't of pat on the back and poor baby.
I look into the eyes of that precious little boy that is in your article and cry. What a waste of a person because he dared to be himself.

7:10 AM  

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