Monday, September 08, 2008

Berklee College of Music Establishes GLBT Leadership Fund

This Saturday night, the one and only Melissa Ferrick will rock the Berklee performance center in Boston, with all the proceeds benefiting a brand new GLBT leadership fund at the college.

Berklee has a history of being... well, male dominated, jazz only school. Under the leadership of Roger Brown, the college has been working hard to be more inclusive, have a more diverse population.

When my wife went to Berklee, she was one of the few women there, especially in the Music Production and Engineering department. When she was originally hired, we laughed it was so they could make three checks- one for a woman, one for a Latina, and one for a Lesbian.

Now, there are far more women on staff and at the school. Jeanine worked hard to bring the GLBT group into a more prominent role on campus. Since the money raised will go to the leadership fund, I urge everyone who can, to come attend.

If you can't attend, give. It's important when a college takes steps forward to reward their efforts. More importantly, we must support our youth taking "out" roles on college campuses across the country.

I hope to see you there!


Blogger Suzy said...

yeah Jeanine!! Hope you raise alot of money and other campus's follow suit.

8:17 AM  
Blogger MLC said...

Melissa is very generous that way -- I saw her in concert at Eastern Michigan University last year for a fundraiser for their LGBTQ group. She played a great concert.

Enjoy and best wishes on the fundraiser!


8:41 AM  

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