Friday, September 05, 2008

Cindy McCain

I watched last night as Cindy McCain spoke. It was a little painful. Mostly because before she spoke they showed a video of her doing some great work in the world around children's issues.

She looked happy, engaged and the hair screamed "lesbian."

Cut to today and she looked tight, miserable and like a woman who had been stripped of her dignity. Maybe that's my projection because I've had someone call me a cunt and it's not anyone I ever want in my life again. She continues to live with a man who degraded her publicly.

I watched her make what felt like a colossal mistake with her adopted daughter- as an adoptee I cringed when she said she picked this baby to help. It makes the world a little less safe when you know you were picked- it means you can be traded back in.

But I respected her passion for helping. I respected her willingness to put her face on issues that meant a great deal to her. I also heard my own mother's voice when she said her father told her to make the world a better place than when she came in it.

I don't wear diamond earrings worth an estimated 280,000 dollars. My favorite designer is... um... The Gap. I haven't had plastic surgery- yet. But I share something with
Cindy, and that's a desire to do good in the world.

It's easy to poke fun at a woman who stands frozen next to her jerk of a husband. She, after all, has all the money and could leave at any time. It's easy to say she's plastic and fake. why else would she be there?

That's not what I saw. I saw a woman who looked miserable and trapped.

For a party trying to capitalize on women's votes, I think the Palin choice missed the mark. She's a joke, at best, with her lack of experience. Cindy McCain, on the other hand, is the Chair of the Board for her father's company. That's not a position that requires moose stew making but rather a complete and thorough understanding of a 300 million dollar a year company since 2000.

Palin? Don't get me started.

Maybe I'm a fool. Maybe it's just the hair that got me. But I think the Republican party missed the mark by putting their hopes in Palin to get women voters.

Overall, though, it was painful. No one can watch Cindy without thinking about the drug scandal. The smear campaign in South Carolina in 2000 by George Bush. The forced smile and the predictable speech written by someone other than herself.

As the commentators remarked on her long presentation, I only could think of someone who had lost so much.

Her passion for doing good.


Blogger phil_in_ny said...

I agree Sara. Cindy is clueless, and has no concept about reality. She grew up wealthy and was handed a fortune by the time she was in her early 20's.

It's hard to find any respect for this women, especially since she was the "other women" in McCain's life as his then wife lay crippled.

8:34 AM  
Blogger Ms. Moon said...

I loved the part of her speech where she said that the Federal Government needs to "get out of our way!" Yep. That made a lot of sense to me.
I didn't see her speech, but listened to it on NPR. By the end, she sounded like a cross between Mother Theresa and Bill Gates.
But maybe she really is trying.

10:03 AM  
Blogger Sue J said...

Good observations. That was one of the strangest nights of the RNC (and there were several!)

I had the sound off when the video was playing, and I kept thinking, "Who's the dyke?") When I realized it was her -- it just seemed like such a disconnect. Everything about her in that video seemed like it was another person -- not the Cindy we know today.

And I agree with with Ms Moon -- the line about the federal government needs to get out of the way brought guffaws at my house. Get out of the way -- that is, until we need another government subsidy!

8:20 AM  

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