Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Bright Side

It's a rainy day.

No play dates planned. Jeanine is at work all day.

I’m screwed.

No, I’m not. I need to change my point of view. A friend recently said to me that the optimistic way to look at problems, was to see them as specific, they happen to everyone and they are temporary.

It always stops raining. Well, except in Seattle.

Everyone has a hard time with three boys in the rain. I am not alone. There are countless other parents pulling their hair out right now saying, sure, watch another hour of TV just don’t stuff your little brother’s head in the toilet again.

It really is just rain. Otherwise, we are all healthy, our lives are filled with mostly good stuff and there wasn’t any blood involved in the last fray.

And I don’t have to drag the sprinkler out and water the newly transplanted rhododendrons.

I’m starting to feel like Suzy Sunshine.


I have no play dates planned. Jeanine is at work all day.

I am screwed.


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