Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Jake's Early Morning Thoughts

Jake came downstairs this morning for our snuggle time. Every morning, he and I are up first. Ususally, he comes to my side of the bed and pats my cheek and says, Mom? You up? and then in a loud whisper, MOM YOU AWAKE? ARE YOU READY TO GO DOWNSTAIRS?

Often, he's already been up a while so he comes in costume. I've had Batman, Superman and Spiderman come and wake me up in the morning. I never know what I'll see when I open my eyes.

We then go downstairs and snuggle together in a chair. Sometimes, we chat. Sometimes, we simply sit quietly.

This morning while sitting in my lap, I asked him why he was sleeping in my bed this morning. I had specifically laid down the law last night there was to be no small children in my bed. Everyone needed to stay in their own. If there were bad dreams to address, I would do so in their own bedrooms. After several nights of additional thrashing limbs in my bed, I drew the line. I do not do well on little sleep.

He smiled at me. I wasn't in your bed, he said. I was on Momma Jeani's side.

That's still my bed.

No, that's Momma Jeani's bed- it's her half. She said it was okay.

The reality is Jeanine doesn't wake up when they crawl into her side making it the prime choice of late night visits. Even the cat picks her side.

I think this kid is going to be a lawyer.

A little while later, we went to feed the dog and get Jake's breakfast. He asked me how old the cat was.

She's almost a year old, I said. Her birthday is next week.

So, then she's zero.

Not really, but she's not a whole number yet.

She's a big cat for zero.

Yes, she is.

And she can catch a lot of stuff. Birds... mouses... she can even catch her tail!

Yes, she can.

And there you have it. The first edition of Jake's Early Morning Thoughts.


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