Friday, March 09, 2007

Meetings, Meetings and More Meetings

I love Friday, Ben said this morning. It goes so quickly. Don’t you think?

Friday’s only go by quickly when I’m not done writing before I have to go pick up the kids. I didn’t think I should say that.

Sometimes. Depends. It’s been a long week though. Too many meetings.

What do you do in those meetings anyway? Zachary asked.

Talk. A lot. Make decisions. Listen to people present their ideas. And you usually eat a lot. Drink too much coffee.

Sounds boring, Zachary shook his head.

Sometimes, I agreed.

Yesterday, I had four meetings. The first, and most fun, was with a friend for coffee. She and I started by talking about intense decisions I’m making. Then our kids and how we don’t even realize we’re so nutty sometimes but they always do. She understands, listens and gives good advice. Then we talked about the old work I used to do that she still does. It was very exciting. I miss going after the bad guys. Good stuff. The food? Cranberry scone and a cup of decaf coffee. I knew I couldn’t’ get hopped up that early.

The next meeting was filled with information and an enormous amount at stake. I listened. Tuna salad roll up, chips and a giant cookie. No coffee, just water. My heart was heavy when I left the room. Worried.

I left late and realized, what I did not share with Zachary was the very important bathroom breaks you must take when in meetings all day. Too late to stop, I proved my dedication by going straight into the meeting.

Okay, I also grabbed the key to the ladies room after saying hello, but I did go in first.

The next was a long long long meeting about candidates for a job I’m on the search committee for. It was fun, playful, and at times, intense. It was later in the day so my phone kept ringing- Walter- am I getting the kids. Yes. Jeanine? Yes, Walter is going to get the kids. Fresh fruit, cheese, crackers and a big cup of regular coffee. One more meeting to go. At this point, if I’m not hopped up, I’m going to start mumbling.

Last meeting was couple’s therapy. Never, ever have couples therapy on a day when you have talked and listened for 8 straight hours. It is not productive. There are no beverages or snacks allowed in therapy. Perhaps it would be more fun if we could have a glass of wine and some cheese but… as I was reminded the other day, therapy is not suppose to be fun. Or easy. I believe I started the session with… I’m really done today… and ended with, I’m done. No more. I was incoherent, words spilling over me only leaving me in the corner saying, leave me be.

Ben looked at me this morning and said, yeah, but at least you don’t have a job. And you don’t have to go to school.

Yeah, Zachary added with a wishful sigh.

Some days? I wish I had a job.

But the day has gone by at a perfect pace, no frenzied rushes in traffic. I ran, sorted mail and responded to the 30 emails accumulated throughout my absence yesterday.

The best part? Grilled cheese sandwich with a glass of milk and chips. The sun pouring in the window. The only noise is the clock ticking and the dog snoring at my feet. No one is talking to me.

And finishing my writing ten minutes before I have to get the kids.


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