Tuesday, March 06, 2007

To the Sun

I was in the kitchen, making dinner when Jake came wandering in, too cold to stay outside. Could be because he refused to put on gloves and it’s seven degrees but… what do I know.

Mom? Can I look at one of your cookbooks? He asked me.


I handed him one off the kitchen counter.

You have a lot of cookbooks, don’t you?

Yes. I love cookbooks. Here.

He went to sit in the back room, looking through it.



When I’m a grown up and you are dead, can I have all your cookbooks?

When I’m dead?

Yeah. Can I have them?

Uh… sure. Your brothers may want a few but yes, you can have them.

You know me, I love to cook.

I know. And you're a good cook, too.

He really is. Not simply my motherly pride, mind you. He pays attention, is careful and loves flavors. Pretty much what it takes to cook.

Can you get me the naked guy book?

The Naked Chef. Jamie Oliver. Sure. Want to cook from his book later this week?

Yeah… I’m gonna be a chef, mom.

That’s great. I love to eat!

During dinner, Zachary asked what planet was closest to the sun.

Mercury, Ben said, rolling his eyes at the audacity to ask such a question.

Can we go there? Jake asked.

No, I explained, it’s too hot. We don’t have anything we can wear on such a hot planet. It’s up to your generation to figure that out.

After dinner, Jake came in the living room and told me he was going to create a special suit to go and stand on the sun.

Maybe a robot first. Then a human if it works, he said.

Yeah, you may want to try it on a robot first, I agreed.

I’m worried about Jake’s reading ability. I don’t understand what holds him back- is it attention deficit disorder? Is it low frustration tolerance? Has the constant level of fluid in his ears from infections compromised his hearing?

Is he simply a late bloomer?

But after our discussion tonight? I realize he is not afraid of dreaming big dreams. His self-esteem is in tact. He is ready to go to the sun. Be a chef.

The rest will come with time.


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