Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mom's Away

I’m getting ready to leave- I’m off to Chicago for the next few days for a family meeting.

I haven’t written about this for a reason. I will when I get back.

This morning, I asked the boys if they will miss me. Silly question, but I couldn’t resist.

Ah… no, was the trio’s response.

Then Ben came downstairs lugging a huge basket of dirty laundry.

Ben? I’m going away. I’m not doing laundry before I go away.

A stunned look came across his face.

What about my uniform? Zachary asked.

I don’t have any socks, Jake complained.

I guess you will miss me after all.


Mom’s away. Off to break some rules.

I can’t wait to hear them snap like knuckles being cracked one by one.

Wish me luck.


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