Thursday, July 05, 2007

Prayin' Guy

One more reason why I love living in Massachusetts, even though we have two extra seasons dedicated to mud…

In the southern most tip of California, Jeanine and Jake went to a Dairy Queen. Jake saw a small toy dispenser, with prizes locked up in little plastic containers and begged for two quarters.

He put in the quarters, and out came … this.

It’s a prayin’ guy, Mom, he showed me when he got home.

So it is… what an interesting toy. Not really an action figure, now is it?

He is wearing a muscle tee shirt, though. Ready to pray no matter what.

Maybe we’re godless heathens in Massachusetts but when you put your two quarters in you get a super bouncing ball or a fake tattoo or maybe a cheap tin ring. I have never seen a praying guy come out.

I give thanks to targeted marketing programs.

Maybe I should put on my muscle tee shirt...


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