Thursday, September 06, 2007

Who's on Your Speed Dial List?

Ben has a cell phone.

When the house phone rang the other day, he called out from the other room, They should be calling my cell!

Not only was the cell phone approximately two hours old, the call was for me.

He has called all his friends. Entered numbers into speed dial. Many numbers. I’m not in his speed dial list. But someone he ran into at the local Brugers Bagels- and has seen approximately zero times in the last three months is.

Not that I'm bitter.

He called me from the front yard to tell me he was in the front yard.

I could see him.

I waved.

And hung up the phone.

He downloaded a ring tone. "Fergalicious."

Something to dance to on the bus on the way home, he told me.

Today, when it was time to go to the bus, he didn’t want us to join him. No, I’m meeting some friends, he said.

Arranged on his cell phone, via text message.

I remember being this excited when I got my driver’s license. Freedom. I could go meet my friends. For Ben, it’s freedom, too. It means he’s an adult, in his eyes. He can call anyone at anytime. He is no longer tied down to … uh… a landline?

I warned a few parents. Watch out. And let me know if it’s a problem.

It also means he’s stepped into middle school as a full-fledged, tweener. He has the acne, the cell phone and the enormous feet of a boy who will soon be over six feet tall.

He walked home from the bus stop, chatting and laughing with a friend. As he turned up our walk, he pointed to him and said, I’m gonna call you!

And his friend shouted back, I’m gonna call you!

For the last six months, I’ve worried about what middle school would be like for Ben. How would others see his "Fergalicious" moves? Was he going to be so anxious beforehand he wouldn’t be able to function?

After one meltdown this summer, all four of us had doubts.

Today was only one day. He walked in the door and announced that middle school is the best. SO much better than elementary school.

He has pulled it together in amazing fashion.

And my boy is about fashion.

I am very proud of him today.

Even if I’m not on speed dial.


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