Saturday, August 25, 2007

In Hiding...

I am officially calling myself out as a big baby.

I wrote a difficult piece for Huffington Post and was called out, over and over again. I do not believe I did any race baiting- at all- nor was I advocating for leniency for Michael Vick.

Just pointing out the real difference in how crimes against women are cause no uproar in our society.

I do not think it was my best piece of writing. I tried to cover too many things at once. I will go back and address them again.

Because, you know, I have to be RIGHT.

The responses made me feel like I wanted to go into hiding.

I reread something I sent to a friend this morning and thought, Grow up, Sara. Much more to say, much harder things to say, this is nothing.

And what a privilege it is to have the chance to say it. Everyone better fasten their seat belts- especially me.

But today, I am in DownEast Maine. DownEast is as much of a location as I'm going to give.

It's the end of Dads Camp. It is tradition for the Moms to come up at the end of the week, bring a great Montrachet and have lobsters, corn and watch the stars.

Little cloudy today. Not sure we'll get any stars.

Some photos from the trip so far:

The view from the deck.

My dog being tortured.

Jake caught me hiding on the dock by the water.

Ben desperately needs a haircut.

Jake at the door... HA! it was locked.

Zachary showing off his shaving skills.

Dads camp closes tonight, the boys going down to the dock to get the couple inches of ocean water for the lobster pot. The Montrachet is cold. I'm going back out on the deck to see if I can get a picture of a Bald Eagle mid flight.

I feel refreshed and ready to go back tomorrow to write more, cause more trouble, stir up difficult issues.

I know I was being a baby.

I recover quickly, now.

Watch out...


Blogger John said...

Using the worst dog fighting story ever to explore society's double standard regarding the abuse of women was a strategic mistake.

Not writing because you're human would be infinitely worse.

3:55 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

thank you, john. I won't stop writing.

and I won't stop having an opinion.

even when I make strategic mistakes. I'm still new at this. I will get better. hang in with me...

10:41 PM  

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