Sunday, October 07, 2007

High Tech Heaven

I am not a technical person. Yes, I did once, long ago, work in the software industry. I wrote user manuals. I tested software. I was tech support.

Long long ago. After three kids? It's all gone. I swear, it leaked out with the breast milk.

Jeanine, however, is beyond a technical person. She is a Geek Goddess. The kids picked out a sweatshirt for her last year that had "I'm not fixing your damn computer" on it. Where ever she goes, computer woes are brought to her in hope of the miracle cure.

Nine times out of ten, she fixes it. Once, while working on Walter's broken, sad machine, he brought her a plate of cheese, fresh tomatoes, bread, olive oil and a glass of wine.

He knows Geek Goddesses need offerings in order to perform at peak levels.

I have to say, I don't ask for a lot from her. I tend to wait until my machine has been breaking down repeatedly before I bring it to her attention. Partly because I'm lazy, reboot and everything will be fine, but partly because of stubborn pride. You see, we worked together at several software companies years ago. We were the same "level" but she always seemed to think she was my boss.

Of course, even then? She knew a hell of a lot more than I did. But, as I liked to point out, we were being paid the same.

She didn't like that.

Today, though, I owe the Geek Goddess an amazing offering. I'm writing this post while whizzing long on the highway, on my way to Down East Maine.

I am officially in high tech heaven. I can be in my remote cabin in Maine and still be able to post my blog.

Of course, I'll have to drive a couple miles first to get reception but that's okay. The car is the only place to plug in and I don't want the kids to see me using the computer.

Not only is it easy to use? She loaded all the required software on my machine without my knowledge. She took care of me without being asked.

Tonight? I'm going to return the favor. Not with technology, mind you. But it might require being on my knees...


Anonymous Laura said...

you go girl.....

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