Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Day

No, really. It is. For us.

Last night, we had Coq Au Vin, mixed greens with endive, blue cheese, cranberries and pistachios.

Yes, Walter created a gorgeous centerpiece. I was going to sneak and order something, so he wouldn't have to work but... I'm glad I didn't.

I'm glad he did.

Watching him put together the centerpiece and the flowers on the mantle, the friends over said, it's like watching an artist paint.

It is. The people who recognize this, some of his clients, covet him and refuse to share his name. He is amazingly talented. If I have my way, he'll be charging three times as much for his design time.

He gives too much away without recognizing the value.

He did get to rest eventually.

This morning was exciting, if not a little strange. Christmas, not Christmas, plenty of snow... up at 5:30AM...

Santa did show up- you know, technology today is quite amazing- and Jake is still wearing his Airman outfit he's been dreaming about for months.

Breakfast of biscuits, cinnamon buns (the old family recipe), country ham, sausage, eggs, ambrosia and red eye gravy.

Dinner tonight at the Castle- the boys choice due to Smith and Wollensky's foot high chocolate cake, even though ties and suit jackets are required.

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous Laura said...

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Beautiful pictures Sara

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Christy said...

Merry Christmas!! And tell that man that he should definitely be charging triple, and I don't even know what he charges to begin with!!

Have fun on vacation!

6:37 PM  

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