Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Close of Vacation...

It's the end of school vacation.

Jake asked me this morning why I was dancing in the kitchen.

Because today is a happy day, I said.

School tomorrow, right?

I nodded. Yup. School tomorrow.

He was not amused.

I did not care.

I love my kids. I do. I enjoyed most of the week, too. The late nights, hanging out watching movies, and sleeping in late. It's just that the lack of structure makes me wiggy.

I asked Ben and Zachary later if they had a good vacation.

Yup, Zachary nodded. It was good.

We should have gone to Florida, Ben said.

It's true. I should have gone down to my sister in law's house in Parkland and soaked up some sun. I wrote her an email and said the next time I pass up free digs for February vacation, she is to slap me.

She promised to slap me if I needed it and even if I didn't.

But tomorrow? Everyone is off to school. Back to early bedtimes and set routines. My idea of heaven.

The kids are crying.

I'm dancing.

It's the close of vacation...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Admire your peaceful life! Why your blog's name is Suburban lesbian housewife? You are a lesbian? Sorry,this is the first time I read your blog. Actually, I have some lesbian friends on a lesbian dating community called who come from suburb. Everytime we email each other, I am always attracted by their life in the countryside. I often tell them that I would like to visit them and expericence their unusual life,but I have no enought time. Hope that can come true one day. ^_^

9:59 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

well, anon, just read on here and you'll learn about life in the suburbs.

and unusual? well, I guess my life is unusual. I am a lesbian. Living in Massachusetts, my wife and I are married. we have three kids. dog. mortage.

big exciting stuff.

read on...

6:58 AM  
Blogger Sue J said...

Ah, the thrill of lesbian life! So amazingly ... ordinary!

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Laura said...

Ah Sara...keep them with you as long as you can!

This morning my nephew (who lives with us) left for S.C. for Marine Basic Training......

Thats two from this house that are growing up and made decisions to join the military....

Decisions that make me want to strangle BOTH of them......

They are adults now....but I wish they were babies again. No matter how old they are - they will always be our babies.

8:36 AM  
Anonymous marie said...

If you say to people who don't have kids that you can't wait until vacation is over, they think you just can't handle/don't enjoy spending so much time with your kids. Sometimes they ask why you bothered to have them if you don't want to spend much time with them. That's so not it.

I get what you mean about structure. I really really do.

Congrats on the end of vacation!

4:41 AM  
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