Thursday, April 17, 2008

Last Debate

No, I did not watch it. My wife made me go out to dinner instead. She says I get a little crazy when I watch debates. I yell at the television and wake the children. My face turns red and my blood pressure soars.

It's not healthy.

But I am going through the different sites this morning and so far, it seems, he looked slow and uninspired. She remained calm and outperformed him.

I'm interested to see how, as the day goes on, different sites break down the event. We have become so clearly a Clinton or Obama blogsphere, our own spins will paint the day in a bright red wave of fury.

Which is why I did not watch the debate last night, too. I'm interested in seeing what others say, with no personal opinion, other than the pro-Clintonista spin I am always putting on things.

Any one watch? Have any comments?

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Blogger Seda said...

I didn't. I'm with you - it's just not healthy. I'm so much happier focusing on stuff where I can actually make a difference. Still gonna vote for Obama because I think he's a better choice right now, still have high regard for Hillary and respect for all who vote for her (and they may be right, I don't know). But I'm at peace, not having watched it.

9:56 AM  
Blogger m. cacioppo said...

i couldn't resist, i watched the entire thing, although halfway through my attention started to fade. the first hour was full of silly questions as i'm sure you've heard. actually, to me (through a clinton supporter's filter, mind you), it seemed like if the gop were taking notes in the first hour, they got a couple more things to get obama on in the fall. stuff that i could care less about, but stuff (in my cynical view), the majority of voters might absorb just the way the gop would want them to.

i don't know, he makes me a nervous should he be the nominee. he looked really tired, he was kind of droning, he didn't captivate me. he pauses a lot when he's speaking in debates. i was bored.

although its skewed because i prefer clinton, she just seemed to be more on top of things, she had a better sense of command when she spoke, even if it was awkward at times, which it was for everyone involved. i mean, it is hard to say becuase it was such an awful debate in general.

now, i glanced at some blogs after it, the obama people seemed angry mostly at ABC because he didn't do so well. and while i agree it was a total waste of time debate, he still has to be able to answer these stupid questions, doesn't he? he just didn't appear presidential, as they say, last night.

so, they were all throwing fits about things being unfair, etc.

i just don't see much when i look at him at this point. i know all the polls are in his favor, but i just don't see him doing well in november. polls are one thing, the electoral collage is another. maybe i'm wrong and i don't give american voters at large enough credit (in thinking mccain could actually win). . . but i also think some people give american voters at large too much credit. is that elitist? ha

11:22 AM  
Blogger Queers United said...

i watched a bit and it seemed pathetic, all the talk about non-political issues. it also seemed very anti-obama which is unfair.

7:43 PM  
Anonymous donald said...

i agreee with jeanine, a good dinner out beats yet another boring debate that each side will spin to make their candidate seem to be on top. enough already! let's pick one and get on to defeating mccain!

10:08 PM  

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