Friday, August 08, 2008

For Peace On Earth

I'm back in the land of electric lights and no excuses for poor editing. Jake and I left Allan, Beanie and Buster alone in compost toilet land. Oh, wait... he's off to Donald's tonight to watch the Olympic opening ceremonies.

No pity for him. Donald's a great cook.

On our way home, Jake and I made a couple stops to catch some rural Maine flavor for you all.

That and Jake was a little carsick.

Tell me this place doesn't beg to be stopped at and wandered through. Just outside of Cherryfield, Maine. The next time I'm up there, I am going to stop, kids or not, and wander through the place. It's hard to see from this shot- I didn't want to upset anyone by taking photos without permission- but there are a million fabulous old antique signs.

Next, while thinking of my good friend whose husband got a huge promotion, I saw a place that would be perfect to celebrate at. And it's all inclusive, too.

I mean, Golf, a buffet dinner and buses welcome? Please. It doesn't get any better.

The night before last, there was clear skies at night and a small crescent moon. The stars were glorious. Allan and I sat on a couple chairs with our heads turned to the sky.

Look! Allan kept saying and I kept missing the shooting star he saw. I finally kept my head in one place.

Have you ever seen a shooting star where you can watch the trail light up the sky, if for a single second?


What did you wish? I asked Allan, breaking the rule.

For peace on Earth, he said.

He was serious and if ever there was a shooting star bright enough to hold such a wish, it was there in Downeast Maine that night.

If you watch the opening ceremony tonight? Look in the faces of all those kids competing and remember, it's possible. It doesn't have to be a wish.

Maine was a delight, as always. I come back refreshed with new eyes. The day to day fight for rights sometimes fogs the bigger goal.

For peace on Earth.


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