Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dead Mothers

It's amazing the strength dead mothers have over you. Their judgment, their acceptance or cold shoulder. I don't know as I move forward as steward of her legacy whether I would make her proud.

I only know what will make me able to sleep at night.

I want a world where we all care for each other. Where people have places to sleep at night and children are educated to the best of all of our abilities. I want a world where a piece of paper or nationality makes no difference when it comes to work, education, and support. I want competition but not at the sake of other's safety. I want a world where great ideas excel because they are great.

I want equality for all.

I want fairness.

I want honest government.

Maybe I do want too much.

But damn if I'm not going to give my all to get it.

Ultimately? I'd like to think my mother would be proud. Not of my journey but of the result.


Blogger Suzy said...

You have come a long way baby. I am very proud of you and admire everything you aspire to do. I want to grow up just like you.
Love you lots.

10:39 AM  

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