Sunday, November 19, 2006

Love Letter

I received a letter in the mail yesterday. It was from my mother’s cousin. I hear from her… once every five years or so. Not often.

She had already sent me condolences.

She sent me a letter she found. A love letter from my grandfather to my grandmother when they were courting.

We don’t court anymore. We date. We have sex. We have lost the art of courting.

Why send it to me and not my brother or sister? I have no idea. I am incredibly thankful though. I read it to my sister. She said, it’s a sign, Sara.

A sign?

I know you’re having a hard time right now with Jeanine. But don’t you think it’s weird that of all days, you got that letter today?

It was written on July 21, 1927 from the Hotel Madison.

“My Darling Sweetheart,

Hope you will “excuse” my writing you again tonight as haven’t a bit of news but I do want to tell you again how much my love for you is growing each day. Sometimes, when I get to thinking of you would give most anything to be with you for a few minutes and am already looking forward to the time when I can come back to you for a few days at least.

Is still mighty hot out here and coupled with some terrible roads we are having a “wonderful” time. But don’t think we even mind that as long as we can get our share of the business.

Hope you haven’t had to work so hard this week, also that you and Uncle Tommy are peaceful again.

We went swimming in the river here tonight and had a real nice time. The water was just fine and wish you could have been with us.

As it is getting right late I must say “Goodbye.”

With ever so much love for you, I am, as ever,


So kind. I don't know if it's a sign. It is, however, a reminder. Of how easy love is in the beginning. Lifelong committments come from sweet nothings whispered, earnestly, in hopes of capturing the other's heart.

It is easy, over time, to forget those early moments.


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