Friday, November 03, 2006

Miss Suzy Sunshine

Uh oh.

Got the killin’ too many babies thing going on again. Sara’s Ashes.

Even my sister- a die-hard blog fan- said she couldn’t read the blog yesterday. Too much.

So let me spread some good news. My wife has figured out what she’s going to do about working too much. Can’t spoil the secret but I can say I am so relieved I could drop to my knees and sing Hallelujah.

To my friends who worry about my incessant need to pull up roots and move every two years to a different house, if not a different state? I’m settled. I saw a beautiful house the other day- don’t look at me, Jeanine is the one who made the appointment- and said, nope. Not going anywhere. I love the elementary school and the fact that it is so close we can walk there in less than five minutes. I love the gorgeous Japanese maple tree in the back yard. I can’t imagine leaving the trees I planted with Walter the day I finally understood my mother was dying. I have neighbors who not only tolerate but also celebrate my three boys. Even when they are tearing through yards, playing Veloci-Raptor with Walter, a game they all created with flashlights, hit points and a series of rules that includes Tarzan yells.

I’m home.

Although the 1970’s style stucco walls in the family room have to go. Don’t worry; I’ll create enough upheaval with remodeling to keep my chaos craving at bay.

I’m home.