Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Halloween is one of the best days of the year in our house.

Tonight, we sent out a Nerd, a Zombie Punk, a Pirate, James Bond and a Police Officer.

I love Halloween.

At Christmas, I tend to limit the amount of gifts the kids get. I don’t think an enormous pile of material goods celebrates the spirit of Christmas, of peace on earth good will to men. I’m a stickler about that.

At Easter… well, since I don’t believe in Jesus the Savior rising from the grave, I really struggle with Easter. Sure, I love a good ham and don’t mind some jellybeans and peeps but… again, I tend to limit any excess.

But Halloween? I’m in costume, ready to go every year. I love Halloween. It is the one time I don’t limit anything. My kids can go to as many houses as they can stand, haul in as much candy as they can carry and eat whatever they want.

The first time Walter and Allan came trick or treating with us, they came in full costume. Walter was a Gladiator and Allan, a vampire.

I had nothing planned. Not that deep down I didn’t want to wear a costume, because I did, rather I stuck to the suburban role of chuckling parent on the sidewalk with the flashlight.

That was it. The next year, I was Annika Sorenstam. I had dyed my hair blonde for the first time and had a new love of golf.

The year after, Martha Stewart – in a orange prison jumpsuit, pearls, handcuffs and a lovely cafeteria tray of spam hors dourves.

The calm suburban crowd started to cheer.

Don’t cheer me and not expect a serious elevation of effort.

The following year I dressed as the principal of the school. Our principal is a wonderful woman, incredibly energetic- okay, perhaps a little too energetic- and always- always- wears a suit with a skirt and pumps.

The crowd went wild.

I just love the idea we can pretend to be something we are not for the night. To play dress up. To let loose with all the conventions we stifle ourselves with as parents every day and be silly.

The haul tonight? Ben had six pounds four ounces, 227 pieces of candy. Zach had about six pounds. Jake had candy. A lot of it.

I love Halloween.