Saturday, January 13, 2007

By Any Other Name...

“It’s not a failure. It’s a success that hasn’t happened yet.” Unknown Republican supporter of the Bush ‘strategy’ in Iraq.

Do people actually believe that bullshit? I honestly don’t believe the American people are that stupid.

The crumbling moral fiber of the country isn’t about recognizing gay marriages. It’s about leaders who refuse to accept reality.

I heard our president say it was his fault. It is easy to accept responsibility when there is no real personal consequence. How about, I accept responsibility and I will resign because I made a huge mistake and over three thousand American soldiers have died. Thousands more maimed and injured. I made the mistake, now I have to suffer the consequence.

Or better, I accept responsibility and to further show my personal commitment to my ‘new strategy,’ I am sending my own daughters over to serve this most noble cause.

It’s not his kids fault he’s an idiot. I’d rather have the resignation. And then, on a daily basis, the American people can watch the real architect of this war in action- Dick Cheney.

With his lesbian daughter and her wife and their baby who are crumbling the very moral fiber we are fighting this war for- or is it oil. I keep forgetting not to read between the lines.

But let’s all remember. It’s not a failure. It’s merely a success in a liar’s clothing.


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