Thursday, January 04, 2007

Fine Lines

Okay, I’m finding it hard to write anything today. I’ve been playing with my new camera lens all afternoon. Run, take a picture of the cat’s eyeball, come back and see. Run, take a picture of the flowers, come back and see.

I’m going to be a nutcase when Walter gets me in the dark room and I have to wait more than thirty seconds to see what is developing.

A friend said this is a good lens for me, as it will let me crawl up inside my subject. To me, it gives me teeny tiny spaces to focus on during a time when so much is overwhelming.

Either way, I’m completely in love with my new lens.

Tonight, Jeanine and I start therapy again. Our trip was a great break from the daily reality. Now we are back.

I want it to work. Without having to give myself away.

It’s a fine line.


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