Sunday, January 14, 2007

Miss Adams Diner

Diner Food

Miss Adams Diner.

We always hit one diner while on vacation. We’ve been to the Miss Adams a few times now. Always good.

Fluffy omelets bum Allan out. The Miss Florence, in… uh… Florence, MA has the most perfect, flat grilled omelet.

The white toast was soaked with butter. Okay, anyone can do eggs but there is something special about going to a real diner.

Zachary ordered the same meal Walter did. And ate almost all of it- bacon, pancakes, eggs, hash browns.

Jake liked the straw container.

Ben said, oh, this is the place I was in a really bad mood last time!


And by the end of the meal? Surprise. Bad mood again by the end.

It’s your fault, he said to me. Okay, he yelled it.

That’s a dollar.

Ben owes five from the weekend.

Big surprise.


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