Friday, January 19, 2007


Ben is very nervous right now.

A friend is coming over.

To watch- hold on- American Idol.

Four hours of American Idol.

Personally, I'd rather shoot myself. I don't have to because Allan is here as chaperone. I get to go to a Celtics game.

There is a scene in a movie, Home Before Dark, by Maureen Foley, where the Aunt has made platters of beautiful food for her niece and her friends. The niece is struggling in a new environment and has few friends. Her Aunt, played by Katherine Ross, has never had children. The food reflects her lack of understanding.

Tonight, I made trail mix, fresh fruit salad, and all the makings for a taco salad- separate dishes so no unwanted food would touch anything else. Ben's friend is a little hard to peg when it comes to eating.

I feel like the aunt. The food is gorgeous. I'm sure they'll pop a bag of microwave popcorn, grab some pop and ignore the other food.

In the meantime, Ben is nervous and yelling at his little brother- who is going with me to the Celtics- about everything and anything.

Four hours. American Idol.



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