Friday, April 20, 2007

Blog Announcement

Okay, I’m all over Jeanine not too work so much and… here I sit, 7 days a week working on my blog.

Time to walk the talk.

Or at least be accountable.

I will no longer be posting on weekends. I may post photos, with very brief text, but my goal of posting every day has come to an end.

Instead, I promise to spend the time to get ahead so my weekly postings are more in-depth and more thoughtful.

Now when Jeanine says, well… you’re working, too?

I can say, no, I’m not.

Because the other day? Jake cried to me, MOM, you are as bad as Momma Jeani. You are always working on your computer.

I closed it and went out to build a sandcastle. I heard him, though. And he's right.

So when it comes to my expectations about her work behavior?

I need to be more positive. I remember an article in the New York Times about how animal training and spouse training were the same.

Praise the good, ignore the bad.

I’m praising the good.

Jeanine came to bed with me last night and read a book-

out of the gutter people-

And it was so nice. She so rarely does that anymore. Spends the time being quiet before going to sleep. Either she stays up and works or we’re… okay, now you can go to the gutter.

Big praise this morning.

I do love her. Some of her work behaviors are very bad. Some of mine are, too.

I think she’s trainable.

And for me? I’m going to be positive, creative and walk the talk myself. I’m going to imprint good working behavior instead of sliding into bad routines myself.

Like working every weekend.

I will post five days a week, Monday through Friday. Fresh, longer, maybe even edited pieces.

More thoughtful photographs.

I will be walking my own talk.

On weekends? I'm going to build more sand castles with my kids.


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