Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Two Catchers in the Family

The former Division One catcher is beside herself- both of her sons are playing catcher.

Zachary, at the first practice, told his coach he wanted to be a catcher. It was his favorite position. On opening day? He caught most of the game.

Watching them play baseball reminds me of sitting on the floor and rolling a ball back and forth with each of them, when they were gurgling babies. Their delight in the simplicity of stopping a rolling object and pushing it back.

Not babies anymore, they no longer gurgle- if they do it's usually with some form of soda that ends up all over the place- but still have the sheer delight in the game.

It may not last- Zachary is intent on playing football, as is Jake. Or hockey. Or both. Baseball is a game of being alert in the face of boredom. Ben played until last year and decided baseball wasn't for him, he'd rather play soccer. As they grow older, the game becomes more of a strategy requiring a certain amount of patience I'm not sure they have.

But for now? We have two catchers in the family.

Play ball!


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