Sunday, June 10, 2007

I Miss My Kids

I’ve been away since Wednesday and I miss them so much.

I told Zachary on the phone yesterday I was going to hug him and kiss him and hug him again…

I don’t think so, he said.

I really miss you, I said.

Uh huh… here, talk to Ben.

Ben liked the idea that I missed him. He settled into wiser, older role.

It’s okay, Mom. You’ll be home tomorrow.

And I’m going to hug you and kiss you and hug you again…

I don’t think so, he said.

Jake wasn’t there. HE would have said he actually missed me, too and would have said, okay to the hugging and kissing. He’s not old enough to know he can say YUCK.

Whatever I’ve planned for this week will be canceled. I can’t wait to sit at the next baseball game and watch Jake or Zachary play. I can’t wait to see Jake’s play this week, Ben’s play, and to go through progress-folios for each one of them.

To hang with them. Have life slow down again, shifting gears to summer speed- slow, easy with lots of Red Sox games to watch.

I miss my kids.

I can’t wait to get home.


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