Friday, June 08, 2007


This is a great city.

Too bad I spent the entire day in a meeting room with no windows.

Rules, old family rules, were broken yesterday. Some things changed. Some things stayed the same. It has not settled in yet how it feels, what fits, what does not. I only know it was hard work, filled with tense moments and… and even some humor.

In the meantime, my boys are having a delightful time with their dads. It’s man heaven there. I heard Zachary this morning, in the background while I spoke with Walter, singing loud songs.

He loves his dads.

I don’t let them bellow out loud songs at 7AM. Sure, it’s cute once or twice, but every morning? It gets old fast.

There was a lengthy discussion last night about hygiene. It’s one thing to have your mom yell at you to use soap when you take a shower- what do I know- it’s another to have your dad tell you.

Today? I have another long day in meetings. No windows.

More rules to break.

Funny, it seems my kids are doing the same thing…


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