Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Still Missing

Still no cat.

Coming up with what to say isn’t easy. Ben kept saying, She’s dead, last night and then going to the door to call her.

Over and over.

I called the Animal Control office yesterday. I’ll call again today. We’ll make copies of Jake’s poster.

Zachary was at a sleepover last night. He’s going to be heartbroken when he gets home. He loved that cat.

Jake was at Walter and Allan’s house. He will have the most questions.

Chances are someone found her and have her indoors.

It’s doubtful a car hit her.

Or a fox or coyote got her- she was quick and a good hunter herself.

There are miracle stories- animals found weeks later after being caught in a garage or wandering too far from home. But I know better.

I’ll keep calling. Keep looking.

And come up with something to say.


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