Friday, January 04, 2008

One Last Look...

Okay, one more post about Costa Rica, then I'll stop.

You know that traveling with a huge group is both great and difficult at times. At one particularly stressful time, I secluded myself with my journal and wrote down all my complaints.

Bitch Bitch Bitch.

I needed to get it out.

In the middle, though, I stopped. Enough, already. These were all my friends and we were all exposing each other to states of anxiety, nerves, tension, frustration that are normally not seen over lunch or at brief, informal gathering. We were living together, in the jungle.

So I started to write down all the positives. Here is my list:

I learned I love rice and beans.

I remembered how much I love fresh pineapple, mango and papaya.

I love to have yogurt for breakfast.

I love and respect the ocean. It is beautiful and dangerous. I cannot live without it.

I love to read.

I love getting back in touch with my friend Susan, who is one of the kindest souls I've ever met.

I love the "Quartet" and will never forget M. walking around with his fresh cut coconut full of rum.

I love Allan, aka, the sloth man and his beautiful sarongs.

I can eyeroll as well as a 13 year old girl, and even keep a straight face.

I am amazed by Walter's ability to have a long conversation with the groundskeeper- neither one spoke a word of the other's language, but Walter's enthusiasm was infectious.

Spiritual awakenings do not require believing in God. And they are best achieved in a warm climate.

Cows in roads are something to take note of, like a large SUV swerving into your lane. Just a lot more fun.

I love how much fun my kids are (were) having. Their excitement is both new and familiar. Who knew Costa Rica had CANDY??

It's easier, you see, to look at these photos and be reminded of my positives than to sit and digest the fact that Huckabee won in Iowa yesterday.


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Anonymous Laura said...

mmmmmm, candy!

That ALWAYS makes me think positive!

10:05 PM  
Blogger Suzy said...

you had me positive till you mentioned huckebee lol.

8:23 AM  

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