Saturday, January 12, 2008

Slumber Party

I was up playing video games, watching YouTube and hanging out with the kids last night till midnight.

Double sleepover, both Ben and Zachary had a friend here. Jake was at Walter and Allan's.

Ever hear of Guitar Hero? Well, we have one for the Wii. Mind you, I am the only one in the house that actually plays guitar. A real one. The game consists of a small, plastic guitar with five differently colored pads on the neck that you push, following the highlighted buttons on the screen.

It's not guitar. On the way home from school yesterday, Jake said to me, Guitars have five strings. I rock at playing it.

No, guitars have six strings, I said, but you do rock at guitar hero.

Five, Mom.

Another mother was walking along side of us. Don't you love always being wrong? I often have my daughter say, but are you sure it's Tuesday? How are you sure?

I get more stupid as they get older, I sighed. Six strings, Jake.


I'll take mine out when we get home, okay?

Last night, after getting "booed" off the stage about eight times playing "Slow Ride," I finally started to rock. Seriously, that's what they say, in large letters, You Rock!

While waiting for other people's turns, I watched some YouTube video's with my girl. No, not Jeanine, I'm talking about Ben's friend who is also my honorary daughter. My boys treat her like a sister, no question, and complain wildly about my complete and total preferential treatment.

She's my girl, what can I say, I shrug to them.

She showed me this video and I laughed so hard, I could not help but think of my friend- you know who you are.

Sorry, but this makes me think of you. Can't shoot it back to me because I grew up around too many cows in too rural a place.

Word up, Tibbets!

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Anonymous Laura said...

my niece is 15....I bought her all three from the guitar hero series (for PS2). She LOVES it....

My motive for getting it has always been the same. Since both my nephew (who is now 19) and my niece were born, I have made it my life's mission to always buy them THEE noisiest toys I could find! (including a drum set)

PS: My sister hates me for that! LOL

7:30 PM  
Blogger Sue J said...

Guitar Hero rocks!

Have you tried "Smoke on the Water" yet?

6:04 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

no smoke on the water, but I did barracuda... hit me with your best shot...

love it.

6:52 PM  
Blogger raha85 said...

Have a pillow fight cause no slumber party is good without a pillow fight! Then stay up late maybe even pull an all nighter haha hope this helps cause i throw sleepovers all the time and all my friends say they had a blast and wanna come back all the ttime sooo im sure with those tips you will have a good time but the main tip is just have fun and be yourself!!!!

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7:42 PM  
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