Monday, March 10, 2008

Posing for Pictures

Obama poses for photo op. Ready to be Commander-in-Chief.

I guess the appropriate firm look is important. The right tie.

Meanwhile, the war is costing 12 billion dollars a month. I don't want a picture. I don't even want to hear about what a great guy all the former military men think Obama is. I want the war to be over. I want people marching in the streets for this to end now before Bush decides to bomb Iran.

All I'm gonna get is the posing for pictures.

While Obama smiles for the camera, Clinton gets questioned on her marriage. Does that make her crisis tested?

Cut to picture of Clinton petting a cow. (front page of Huffington Post right now.)

No, Seth. It just makes her a regular person with not the greatest marriage who stuck it out. But it sure is fun to make light of someone's private pain, isn't it? Gets a lot of traffic.

Like the photo of Obama with military men. Clinton with Cows.

Be nice to see a photo of Obama with some gay people. Maybe even with his gay campaign staff.

More on that later...

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Blogger Sue J said...

the war is costing 12 billion dollars a month.

And as of today we have lost 3,980 U.S. soldiers.

You are right. Photo ops don't cut it.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous donald said...

ok sara, i can't read anymore political blogs. they are all 3 politicians, and they are all 3 posing for pictures. even your beloved hillary. you make it sound like, that while he is posing for pictures, she is on capital hill working diligently to end the war. i don't think so! don't get so wrapped up in this that you can't give an unbiased opinion. i am glad you are behind her heart and soul, as will i, if she wins the nomination, but i am finding your recent political posts petty. how about some substance! sorry!

9:05 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

no donald, I'm bitching because she was with a COW and he was with the MILITARY BRASS.

the press picks which ones to post.

c'mon on.

but I hear you. I did promise myself to stay away from politics but there spitzer goes and ... well... shit.

but I heard some really sobering news tonight.

back to life. back to reality. promise.

9:36 PM  
Blogger kenneth said...

I had got redirected to your site looking up a band with the same name as one of your blogs.You are entitled to your opinion and I respect it but the way I feel an immediate withdrawal from Iraq will give Bin Laden and the rest of the terrorists a new base to kill us from.It is bad enough we gave them Afghanastan 20 years ago,they do not need any more bases.I do not believe we should have gotton involved in Iraq in the first place but now we are there and finally making progress lets get finished and get out.With best wishes Kenneth

4:53 PM  

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