Monday, June 16, 2008

Four More Days...

From early May to the last day of school in June, life in suburbia runs at a frantic pace. Between little league, class parties, final camp decisions on top of everyday life- dentist/orthodontist, laundry, groceries, school, house, cars- I don't know how I get anything done.

The weekend was Pride, Jake's final baseball game and picnic, a birthday invitation delivered at that game for later that day, an exploding bottle of Diet Coke, friends for dinner- and that was Saturday.

Sunday was Father's day- which meant getting the boys to actually make cards for Walter and Allan, let alone help with the 'brunch' they decided to have for them. When I told Zachary he had the fork on the wrong side of the plate, he started rolling on the floor, yelling that he couldn't do it! After brunch, Zachary's playoff baseball game, drop Ben off and pick him up from a friends house, take Jake to tryouts for fall soccer- yes, fall soccer.

And then the regular work of Sunday before the week- laundry, garbage out to the street, clean the refrigerator, cook dinner and discuss the playoff game loss with Zachary.

Don't forget the Celtics game that started at 9PM.

I'm whupped. I'm so tired. Four more days to go and a million more miles, it seems. Each day, except today, has a school event of some sort- or two. The kids are wired for sound, bouncing up and down at 7:50AM this morning begging to go to school- the doors don't open till 8:20AM.

I need a day without a schedule.

I need a day without dentists, or concerts, or baseball games.

I need a day without having to remember who belongs where and what time they have to get there, when they need to be picked up and what they have to have with them.

I need a day where we can all hang at the dinner table without somewhere to go.

I need a day where I don't have to get in my car. And not have to order pizza as a result.

I need a day without laundry or towels or sheets or something dirty that must be cleaned for a game or event or just because it's been so hot it smells bad.

I need a day.

And I'm almost there.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about some hired help?!

I have a cleaning person in just once a week and what a time saver!!

3:10 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

um... I have a cleaning person.

I love what I do, don't get me wrong. It's just this last month or so of the school year that ends up being a nightmare.

3:24 PM  
Blogger Sue J said...

I'm worn out just reading about it!

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Morgan said...

Friends and myself were talking on Saturday about how every aspect of our lives have been so chaotic lately. Besides my grandkids, nobody has kids; I don't think any of us can imagine adding that schedule in also. Good Luck.

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Laura said...

I know this might sound odd to you....but I miss those days.

Our boys are grown now (22 & 25) with their own schedules.....and one going off to war.

Id take back what you are going thru anyday.....

4:41 PM  
Blogger Suzy said...

Just throw in getting ready for graduation and I feel your insanity. I have been wearing my shirt that says "I don't suffer from insanity I am enjoying every minute of it" a lot lately. Oh to be able to say Im Bored. lol.
hang in there it will be over before you know it and then we will miss it.

4:55 PM  
Anonymous donald said...

pack beanie in the car, drop off the kids and allan and walter's and come on downeast for a couple days and veg out! yeah right, as if that is going to happen!!

well, if the celts finish it off tomorrow night that will end the late night ball games. that will help alot!

6:45 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

I dunno Donald... you cooking?

9:30 PM  
Blogger Lula de Montes said...

hee hee, here we have been listening to the same fireman's song for a whole week now, in anticipation of the school performance coming Saturday. Then a whole week of cleaning out cupboards, taking projects home, with the teacher. Followed by ear surgery the week after. Three weeks of day camp with her best friends. And then, the US beckons (order some good weather, please) and a month of lobster rolls, good fish, and family time. Ah, stretch.

3:29 AM  
Anonymous donald said...

will cook for you anytime!!

come sit in the fog and veg out for a couple days!

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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